The New Milton Street Track

Being located right in the town centre, the New Milton Track offers all the excitement of a street circuit with an authentic Monaco feel. At about a kilometre it's a similar length to the neighbouring Ringwood track.  Where the two tracks really differ is in the smoothness of the racing surface.  Ringwood is famous for its cobbled sections and potholes which gradually inflict more and more damage on the cars as the race progresses, resulting in early retirements.  New Milton, in contrast is relatively smooth all round, especially following re-laying of the road surface some years back.  The track offers a wonderful mix of very fast sections and challenging corners which guarantee excitement for drivers and spectators alike. 

A sharp left turn at the traffic lights (try it without braking) takes the cars into the narrower Old Milton Road section. A short straight then it's a quick left, right, flick through a layby with a rough surface and drain covers so the quickest route through here is not necessarily the safest for the car. Exit the Chicane and it's hard right into the tight West Turn.

Get the entry position wrong here and you'll be needing the marshal's assistance to extract you from the barriers.  Then it's back the short old Milton Road straight to the traffic lights with just enough room to overtake that slower car in front.  Round the left hander and by now the drivers will be fighting lactic acid build up, but the pits are in sight.  The only problem - it's uphill to reach them!